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Heartless Killer -Saso by deidara127 Heartless Killer -Saso :icondeidara127:deidara127 0 3
"4 hostiles left. Heavy weaponry." It said as I wiped the blood off my forehead and project nova.
I then looked at the remains where the attacker was before looking at Sara as I frowned behind my bandana, remembering what I told myself once as I was working on "it".
"When I get out of here…I can't trust anyone. Not a single soul. They're all different, changed by war. Cannibalists are now on the rise, along with gangs, there's no stopping them, they'll do anything for resources.  They'll even kill me if they know what Project Nova can really do. I have to be careful…I can't get attatched to anyone. Or else my organs will be attached to some cannibalist's teeth." I shuddered at the last sentence before I raised my assault rifle and aimed at a hostile's head.
The hostile went down quickly as the other's went over to the remains to investigate.
"Damn it…and he was one of the good one's…bring me the attacker's head. NOW." One of the supposed leaders
:icondeidara127:deidara127 0 3
I Just Wanna Run Chpt 2 -SD-
"So what's the reason to all of this again, brat? I wasn't listening." Sasori smirked as he drank some coffee with the blonde next to him. They were both sitting on a bench near the train station as the blonde responded.
"Typical of you to not listen, Danna, un…but I was saying that you know how my parents don't approve of me being homosexual right, un?"
"Mhm…I'm listening." The redhead continued to smirk as the blonde continued.
"Hmph…you bastard…but, I thought why not just run away, you know? My father thinks I'm a burden and my mother well…she never really said anything to me after I told her I'm gay. She stayed silent…except to my sister." Sasori gulped down some warm coffee down his throat as he responded.
"The blonde whore, Ino? No offense."
"You just had to say no offense AFTER you dissed my sister right, un?" The blonde asked with a small smirk as the redhead nodded with a smirk.
"Yes, you know it's true. It's written all over your face, you know."
:icondeidara127:deidara127 0 0
I let out a sigh through my bandana as I continued walking down an abandoned dirt road, which reminds me of some books I have read about the post apocalypse. Except now I'm living it, and it's either life or death for me as I looked around at the abandoned buildings besides me.
"No hostiles are visible." It said as I smirked underneath my bandana before pulling my hood more over my head. It's mid fall in Japan which means it would be winter soon, which will be dangerous for me because I have to go through Russia, and they're known for massive snowfalls and mountains.
"That just makes my day even brighter…" I thought sarcastically to myself as I continued walking before seeing mass numbers of bodies everywhere.  I crouched down and rolled a body over slowly with my gloved hand before pulling away quickly at the carcass. It's face was unrecognizable, I didn't know if that was its mouth or its nose as I inspected the other bodies. All the others were in the same condition,
:icondeidara127:deidara127 2 0
"Boring….even more boring….even more boring than the last one…Kami, is there NOTHING good to watch on TV nowadays?" I sighed as I flicked over to a news channel before sitting up on the couch.  
"Breaking news, the government has now initialized DEFCON 1. I'm here in Tokyo where it is complete chaos. Fires are spreading along all the buildings, robberies and criminals are growing more and more throughout the city. The government has announced for all civilians to stay in their homes, the situation is under control." I then turned off the TV as I stood up quickly.
"Shit…this is bad…DEFCON 1 is war, but yet…America is going to launch nuclear bombs along whole eastern coast of Asia before we do…damn it…I have to pack up everything then." I said to myself as I began moving things around to the front of my house door in case any wise guy decides he wants in. I blocked the windows and eventually all the doors as I grabbed the phone and began
:icondeidara127:deidara127 5 26
A heavy sigh escaped my lips as I looked out the glass window of my algebra class, ignoring my teacher's lectures on polynomials and what not as my eyes caught on something blue. It shined in the light so perfectly as I looked to the neatly placed white flower in the blue. I looked further down slowly and carefully capturing the magnificent person's amber eyes. They clashed with the blue so perfectly, like it was born to be that way and clash to create art. That was what I saw, magnificent eternal art, such a beauty I said to myself as I felt my lips turn into a small smile before looking down to soft pink lips.  They were a nice shade of pink and they looked so soft I wanted so badly to brush my own lips against it as I began looking lower down to her cleavage as my face went red before the bell rang snapping me out of my thoughts with a groan. At a time like this the bell rings I thought as I looked to my watch then back to the window noticing the beauty has left
:icondeidara127:deidara127 3 2
Pain  - Naruto by deidara127 Pain - Naruto :icondeidara127:deidara127 1 0 Sebastian and Ciel - B-day- by deidara127 Sebastian and Ciel - B-day- :icondeidara127:deidara127 2 2 His plan -Madara Uchiha- by deidara127 His plan -Madara Uchiha- :icondeidara127:deidara127 1 0 Spring -Contest- by deidara127 Spring -Contest- :icondeidara127:deidara127 5 8 Am I a puppet now? -request- by deidara127
Mature content
Am I a puppet now? -request- :icondeidara127:deidara127 2 6
BONDAGE -b-day gift- by deidara127
Mature content
BONDAGE -b-day gift- :icondeidara127:deidara127 0 2
RAPTURE by deidara127 RAPTURE :icondeidara127:deidara127 2 0 Jiraiya -B-day gift- by deidara127 Jiraiya -B-day gift- :icondeidara127:deidara127 5 2 .:NARUTO UZUMAKI.: by deidara127 .:NARUTO UZUMAKI.: :icondeidara127:deidara127 2 2 Futuristic Lover -SASODEI- by deidara127
Mature content
Futuristic Lover -SASODEI- :icondeidara127:deidara127 5 6


Step By Step - Black Hair tut by Saviroosje Step By Step - Black Hair tut :iconsaviroosje:Saviroosje 1,479 54 Step By Step - Rainbow eye tut + video by Saviroosje Step By Step - Rainbow eye tut + video :iconsaviroosje:Saviroosje 8,540 265
when i first met you,
terror chilled down
the heat
of my
i shivered
& my heart
began to build
walls over walls
over walls-
fuck this,
i won’t let them
hurt you, again.
i have a tendency
to get knocked
off my feet
& not know
how to get back up.
i’m still crawling around,
searching for your heart
beats under my bed
& between my tangled
i am pathetic.
you were all crooked,
misshapen insecurities
& nights of forgetting
to take your zoloft.
i didn’t think I would miss that.
i didn’t think I would miss you.
you fell like a meteor
for him, hours after
you demolished me.
& i can’t hope you’re happy
because i’m still patching up
the war zone you left behind.
i taste bile in my throat.
i swallow it back down.
i won’t get sick for you.
i won’t.
i won’t.
i won’t.
too late.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 264 33
hyenas make the best lovers.
i need to stop looking
for death in every body
my fingers touch.
i have been force fed
old lovers, & slices
of the moons lying dust
for years-
i am messy poems;
i am fractured confessions.
i am laughter
& teeth.
my jaws ache
with the taste of
wolves blood,
& names.
i am still hungry.
give me your sugar;
I will share my breath.
you are still made of starstuff,
& i am no longer caged.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 363 71
Romantic Sunset - SasoDei by Lairam Romantic Sunset - SasoDei :iconlairam:Lairam 810 61 I Miss You - Sasori - collab by Lairam I Miss You - Sasori - collab :iconlairam:Lairam 744 71 bye bye 2011 by karu-suna bye bye 2011 :iconkaru-suna:karu-suna 64 21 Zee captain by kanniball by alexiuss Zee captain by kanniball :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 1,528 105 The Wittiest Title Imaginable by MonsterPaws The Wittiest Title Imaginable :iconmonsterpaws:MonsterPaws 24 0 Random portrait by KostanRyuk Random portrait :iconkostanryuk:KostanRyuk 226 15 Strange love by AkubakaArts Strange love :iconakubakaarts:AkubakaArts 803 104 Day 363 by FramedByNature Day 363 :iconframedbynature:FramedByNature 2,911 432 Children of the rain by Nivalis70 Children of the rain :iconnivalis70:Nivalis70 1,558 186 Gone with the wind by Kaoyux Gone with the wind :iconkaoyux:Kaoyux 5,545 380 Romantically Apocalyptic Collaboration by kris-wilson Romantically Apocalyptic Collaboration :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 2,500 331 I dare say by kris-wilson I dare say :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 996 206




Look who's back :D

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 11, 2011, 6:11 PM
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  • Drinking: Water
Yup, I am back :D Even though I am in school *sigh* I just started my sophomore year and everywhere i walk, there are FRESHMEN :ohnoes: It's insane, it's like everyone transferred out and all the freshman transferred in :/ Some of them are kind of crazy too lol In my global history class the other day, this girl was looking down at her book until the teacher called her, saying what she will do this year, and she looked up and said "world domination", in the most creepiest voice. :rofl: But on topic, I am drawing, even though i am in school and crap, so just look out for that :P See you guys :)



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